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A letter to my society.

A letter on the Pollachi Issue where 200 women were betrayed in the name of love. It was important to address an issue as fellow women in the society.

Studious was her thing,

And she never cared for the bling;

She happened to live peacefully,

And that’s when HE came fortutiously.

She enjoyed as he was full of humor,

Oh ! She never realized that he was only there for glamor;

Then her life swayed away from her unalarming,

And then came out the huge news of POLLACHI as a rude awakening.

She never wished to be one of his forced mistresses,

For there were hundreds and hundreds of silent thunderbirds.

Just because one stood up,

To fight for her justice;

Men were already overwhelmed with their prejudices.

“Oh it’s the girl’s mistake

Why do they go out with unknown men for God’s sake ?

These women let themselves down the lake. ”

For none is going to take action,

As our Men only care for IPL and Elections…

Women cry out,” Am I not an issue of significance? ”

Oh God ! Let me not be CURSED with a girl child,

For I cannot be sure;

Sure to save her from becoming another one of INDIA’S CHILD !

With agony and dismay,

Veera’s Pen.

Published by Shilpa's Recitals

The typical daddy's girl trying to explore herself through the World of Writing, Words and Books!

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