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Four commandments for a peaceful life

21st century has given us many things to cherish and to be startstruck. For an instance, the smart phones, the LED and Smart Tvs, the Ultra fast Race cars, Digital Cameras and what not? But at the same time, we all have something that awed us too. Say, the first ever picture of black hole, DNA storage using synthetic DNA strands, Quantum computing, Immunotherapy for cancer treatment and many more inventions and discoveries.

But has any of that made the inner depriving humanity in us sustain a bit longer? Has any of that made people less materialistic? Has any of those incredibly amazing discovers changed  the people’s mind? Does the most significant scientific breakthrough as consider, the image of black hole, changed our corrupt politicians? Has any of those marvelous inventions made the world a better place to live in ? Does any of these inventions teach the people to provide food to hungry men like MADHU instead of killing him? Does any of these technologies provide equality that everyone who dreams and works hard get their dreams and bot die like Anitha ? Does any of these change our perception of life and how we see and treat poeple? The answer is obviously No.

Our life in 21st century

21st century is obviously a century of wonder and peak of scientific breakthroughs and techonoligcal achievements. World has become materialistic. Education is now materialized. The constant pressure that everyone is going through is to attain a respectable position in the society. What does this society expect from you?

1. Score above 90 percentages in your HSSC

2.Get a 50 k job when you are only 23 years old.

3. Get a car when you are 27.

4. Get married when you are 26.

5. Own a house at 28.

And nobody cares about the character. None is interested in the way you treat people and the way they treat others. All that everyone is concerned about is your bank deposit. In this hectic life we have lost our humanity. Deforestation has resulted in no moist in the air and in our hearts.


I read the quote in instagram and to my biggest surprise yesterday’s congregation also thought me about an important yet simple lesson. The quote explains on 4 little thoughts that would bring a great significant change in our lives that will eventually make our hearts pure.
1. See the best in people.
Aren’t we all constantly complaining that the other person is wrong? That they are cruel, cunning and disrespectful and simply hateful? Well, isn’t it easy to just point the mistakes ? While, yesterday in the congregation the pastor said,
God says that when we find a person who is so cruel, it is best to stay away from him rather than finding the wrong in  him.‘ How many of us do this in real life? If we just dislike someone we just continously gossip about them or make those confronting faces whenever they cross our way. Well, we shall change our attitude. We shall see the good in the others while even they can’t see it. We shall start appreciating the little good in others that gradually becomes the best in people. 

2.Forgive even the worst

And again God says LOVE YOUR ENEMIES. I personally don’t have a habit of forgiving people who betray me or those who hurt my loved ones. It is a shame not having a trait of forgivness being a Christian. Everyone in recent times have developed a sensitive nature towards almost everything, that we cannot take a person hurting our feelings so easily. It is best to say that we have lost the sense of patience and easy-going. Thirukural says that to forgive a person, we should not just think about the many bad deed that they have and done to us, rather we must think about even one good deed that they possess and have done to us which will change our mind. So, we shall happily forgive and forget to evolve as better person in friendship and relationship.
3. Faith in the Almighty

Lastly even if you are an Atheist, beleive that even when the life brings you the worst, it will also bring the best in the future.‘Life is not  fair to everyone’ someone said but I think that this is absolutely wrongly penned,  it would be correct to be penned as, ‘Life is obviously not fair to everyone at everytime’ Time will heal and the power that rules us will  definitly give ‘you’ your time. Life is a cheese burger with double troubles, slices of challenges, two giant pieces of strength and positivity and spicy sauce of happiness sprinked with very little amount of worry.  It is up to us to rather eat it or to die starving. I’m not here to preach but I figured that these 4 principles might help you. For the record, I do not possess any of these really good traits but we shall all begin to own to these traits together.

The picture from instagram and the congregation changed my perception of life. Hope that it will infulence you too. Stay happy.

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