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Intimacy 2.0

Couple of years ago, “literally” couple of years ago I wrote a poem on sex/intimacy; on my perception of it. And now, I feel like I can be said in terms of verse form also. At that time I thought that it was too much for me to write about. I was hesitant to be honest. What I penned then and have now, are the definition of intimacy to me.

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– holding hands.

Not just the numerous air strikes that hit your heart when one does that. But the actual joy, agony and yearning to know that the other person also feels the same way. The ecstasy it gives when you know that they want it too, it’s above heaven. The pounding of the heart with the fingers twisting themselves, the anxious mind pouring down its fear from the forehead, the impeccable feeling and the moment of the feet in doubt; as in to do it, or to cease… 

That’s intimacy. 

A blow of cooler winds will ease the heart once the hands are locked. 

– eye contact

Now, that’s trust 🙂

In a world where hickeys are adored, nail prints are praised to be the sign of intimate moments, “eye contact” is an underrated G O L D. 

When you’re unsure of the feelings. The feelings you have for them and if they have “feelings” for you at all. The fear, affection and innocence in gazing at them; it’s a wholesome feeling. 

If you know this, you are lucky. 

If you have been through this, you are blessed. 

But, if you and your significant other have locked eye contact accidentally, and you both have blushed away from it once it’s happened… man, 

G O D  L O V E S  Y O U. 

– the butterflies that you get without physical contact.

Call me old school, which I am and I’m kinda never getting away from it but, this feels like that one tequila shot that hits just right! 

1. The fear and anxiety and happiness when you accidentally near them in the hallway or any other place. 

2. When they accidentally like and adore you for the way you adore them. 

3. When they respect your feelings. 

4. When you see them smile and laugh a “Greek-gods smile from a distance!!!!”

5. When they are being protective. 

6. When they treat you like a baby and like being treated like a baby. 

7. When they can handle your emotions and listens to you rant about that one annoying relative who’s ruining your day. 

8. Forehead kisses. 

9. When they notice your outfit, hair and your accessories. 

10. When they treat you like a homey and a princess! 

– little instant meet-ups over text/call

Texting and calling has only made the distance  reach a further extent. A random surprise meeting-up and just a 5 minute rant about each other’s day would make all the difference. 

– non expensive gifts!

If she cooks for you, you’ve won her heart. If he buys you little traditional gifts/ accessories, you rule his heart. ( Bangles, Bindi, Shawls, Anklets, Jimikis, Saree! ) 

– little notes/letters

The amount of thought process that goes through a man and a woman’s mind to fix on a gift to buy their significant ,another is so sweet and adorable. It’s a clear sign of affection and inclusion. 

Be it a 18 pages front and back letter Rachel gave Ross or, a tiny little cute note Peter gave Lara, it’s beautiful, very I N T I M A T E and makes them feel special and loved. It could be “You looked pretty today” or “I’m sad that Ronaldo failed in the World Cup” . It denotes a personal message that you share “only” with them. And that’s why, it’s always, always, A L W A Y S, intimate! 

– playlist

Sharing the playlist and finding out that you both have the similar taste in music is too much of a blessing. When you share it, you share the memories that you hold with the songs as well. The moments you loved the song, the particular lyric that hits you hard, how you loved the guitar notes in it, and how you would have rather chosen SPB over Mohit will also be discussed. It can also end up in a fan war. But, if you can share your playlist, you’ll find a way back to vining like GVM’s main characters. 

– little outdoor moments- star gazing, bike rides

The most exciting part would be this. To convince the other person to spend time alone with them. And the next thing would be, to find a place to hang out alone because it’s impossible for brown kids. My little dream is to stargaze with a significant other one day. How silly it would be! But also, how calm would we feel?!

The bike rides and the fear mixed with excitement to hug them! A never ending love story 🖤 Do I have to say more?! 

He, resting his hands on your knee as you wait in the traffic whilst on the bike. 

Her jaw is clutching onto his shoulder as she’s short and can’t hear what he’s saying when the wind is blowing too hard during the thrilling bike ride. 

Haiyo! Hearts hearts emojis over their heads only!!!

-being open about the financial situation.

Be it a boy or a girl. Even with friends, one wouldn’t reveal their entire economical situation. It would be a very close friend if they do so. Why? Because it’s always considered a part of your self-esteem. 

But in a relationship, when one does this, it means they trust you, it means that they see the future with you.

I mean, it starts with either of you stopping the other from the crazy craving that would cost 800rs when you have 1000rs in the account. And when you know to comfort them without that 800rs spent, you guys win, “for life!” 

What more intimacy should one need?

This is intimacy. The fact that you feel extremely comfortable with the other person is what intimacy is. It’s how it is supposed to be!

With lots of love and good vibes for 2023,

~ Shilpasrecitals 🙂 💜💫


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