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Recaptured Obsession!

As humans we all would have had many obsessions that made us all feel good. That obsession could be on a cartoon, on a movie character, on a book, on a place, on a car or anything that’s out there. Meanwhile that obsession would have lived with you, or maybe even taught a life lesson. To have this obsession is a different feeling and to retouch that treasure after a long time is beyond a treasure given at the time of need.

The savour of “obsession” retouched would make you feel too good. Of such recapture of my long loved obsession was the song, “Maalai Neram” from Aayirathil Oruvan sung by the most amazing, talented Andrea Jermia and composed by GV Prakash Kumar.

I was very young when I first heard the song. My early memory of this track is the instant feeling of ‘being touched or transcended’ in some way or I was very young to actually recognize the feeling. The song was something else, extraordinary I should say. The voice of Andrea has always won to mesmerise the listener but this song is something beyond just hitting the perfect notes. The way her voice melts with the tune or the cue of the lyric is too ecstatic.

I love the lyrics. But I am also sad that I only noticed them a month ago. Only now I noticed and felt and felt again the meaning of the lyric, as I now understand that I have been very young to understand it then.

Music is something that goes beyond the man-made barriers. It travels past these petty walls and captivates the hearts. To be honest, all the art forms has this unique power. And this song is no exception in that.

This song seems, to my understanding; to address a love that’s gone. But I can also interpret it to be addressing an unrequited love. Not many love songs expound and emote the feel of love without involving lust in it, without adhering it with physical needs and attraction. Of one such beautifully written, composed and sung, is this song. Maalai Neram.

I’ll share with you the lines that touched me the most and will try my level best to translate it.

“உன் கரம் கோர்க்கையில்

நினைவு ஓராயிரம்

பின் இருகரம் பிரிகையில்

நினைவு நூறாயிரம்”

When we hold hands, I get to dwell in hundreds of memories whilst when we part ways, those memories become thousands…

“காதலில் விழுந்த இதயம்

மீட்க முடியாதது

கணவில் தொலைந்த நிஜங்கள்

மீண்டும் கிடைக்காதது”

A heart that fell for love cannot be rescued.

And the moments of reality lost in a dream won’t be regained as well.

“ஒரு முறை வாசலில்

நீயாய் வந்தால் என்ன

நான் கேட்கவே துடித்திடும்

வார்த்தை சொன்னால் என்ன”

Why can’t it happen, that you come to my place to tell me what I’ve been longing to hear?

“இரு மனம் சேர்கையில் பிழைகள்

பொறுத்துக்கொண்டால் என்ன

இரு திசைப்பறவைகள் இணைந்தே

விண்ணில் சென்றால் என்ன”

When there is a matter of union of two hearts, faults shall wither. Why can’t two different birds fly together?

“என் தேடல்கள் நீ இல்லை

உன் கனவுகள் நான் இல்லை

இருவிழிப் பார்வையில்

நாம் உருகி நின்றால் என்ன” 

You are not my quest. I am not your dream. Why can’t we just stand there drowned and lost in each other’s eyes?

I feel that to any writer, the success is not with the sales or popularity. It’s how their words impact the reader. I’m not in love. But these words make me want to feel, as such! And this is the success of the writer. How it makes the reader think about it, that they are essentially disturbed, that she/he wants to consume more and more of the writer’s work.

Here, the motive to write this blog is to acknowledge the success of the songwriter. Your words have lingered into my mind and I have not stopped contemplating the lyrics. It makes me want a love like this. 

Share your “recaptured obsession” with me in the comments below.

With lots of amusement, 

Shilpasrecitals 🙂

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