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Money Plant and the accidental life lesson!

The love for gardening hasn’t spared anyone I guess. It’s just the natural and the most real instinct in us, which roots back to our primitive occupation. Every human will have an immediate sense of “ecstacy” when one sees a water body, an elephant and a beautiful greenery. I have these three impulses inculcated very deeply in my genes. The recent fascination for me was to grow the “Money Plant.”

A Pinterest Picture

The Money Plant is the common climber variety that’s grown in most of the homes believing to attract fortune and for visual aesthetics also. 

In my case, I wanted the former more desperately than the latter. So, I gathered my guts and asked for the Watchman Thatha in the house in my neighbourhood to cut me some branches. He was generous enough to give me that without even thinking twice. I was happy. 

But, I have this inbuilt preoccupation in my mind. That if I say something out loud to everyone, even my near and dears; that plan would either slow down or fail totally. I know, sometimes I behave like a typical aunty but trust me, I am not. 

So I kept it a secret. I grew it in two separate bottles on the balcony. I had already had the elevation to be done right around the portico with it!

But, one of the plants grew and the other didn’t. I tried switching places and changing the soil but one plant wouldn’t grow, it actually died. I was upset. A relative of mine, an elderly one, mocked me for it, with the fortune part. I was a little upset. But, surprisingly I didn’t give up.   

I took out a skin care product’s glass container that I had bought a zillion years ago and didn’t use, and planted the other plant that grew. I made sure to cut the healthier tiny branch and planted it. Added a tiny layer of soil and kept the rest of the place for water. 

One of the branches died, again. I was still upset but surprisingly didn’t give up, again. I cut off the dying branch and kept the healthier one. And after nearly a month of struggle from the beginning, the plant grew. It grew slower but steadier. ( Cliche I know but it suits the scenario, doesn’t it?) I even added new sand and a new root variety base for it to grow healthier. 

My Plant

And now, I haven’t earned a billion dollars after it’s growth. I haven’t built that evelevation that I planned for the portico either. I learnt a lesson. In life, I am usually impulsive, impatient and just enthusiastic and adventurous to jump into anything that sounds crazy and adventurous, that is, I am a sagittarius. For an impatient girl like me, it was tough to do this thing without giving up. 

What I learnt from it might help you too, so here it is:

1. Stay hopeful.

2. Do not listen to people who give negative judgement also, don’t ignore constructive criticism. 

3.Just one of the two plants died earlier, your plans may also fail. But find the root of the plan and execute it differently.

4. The branch died even when I shifted them to a glass container and with a nourished environment. Your plans may also fail like the branch but, there’s always a way to come back again, like the healthier branch. 

5. As I added a new base for it’s much better nourishment, you have to work on the success to ensure it’s stronger and reliable in tough situations. 

6. Life is a “trial and error” process.  Always remember that. 

I hope to have added a meaningful, fun and relishing five minutes to your day. Just don’t be bothered so easily. If you are, then make the little nuisance as your inspiration to break it down into pieces. And keep doing what you love with patience and persistence. 

With more love for black coffee & JB’s music, 🖤🌻🦋🌌

Shilpasrecitals & Veeraspen. 

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