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“Dia” the recent sensation’s review!

“Dia”, be it the Idly-Vada lovers of Tamil Nadu or the Dulquar Salman fan boys and girls of Kerala or the Buttabomma hummers of Andhra and Telangana, and Dia’s very own Kannada movie lovers, it is pretty much clear that the movie has its audience wrapped around it’s finger!

What’s the real reason for this success? Was it the flawless cinematography or the stunningly knit twists or the incredibly “credible” act from the casts? We certainly do not know. But it’s safe to say that all that I have mentioned above have clearly paved the way for this well-deserved success. And the proof to this statement is the unending love showered by the audience’s incessant appreciation towards the movie.

The initial release of the heart wrenching movie was on 7 February 2020. The movie was showered with love for over 25 days in the theatres. I myself did not get to know or watch the movie then but, only after the lock down, I had the chance to and I clearly am glad. I had initially got the ‘lock down’ movie suggestion from my cousin but I had honestly been seeing number of memes in Instagram about the movie since mid-march, and hence it is safe to say that the movie’s got to thank the memes for its audience outside Karnataka.

   K. S. Ashoka

Music director   
    B. AjaneeLoknath

    K. S. Ashoka

Story by                       

   Dheekshith Shetty
   Kushee Ravi

  Vishal Vittal, Sourabh Waghmare


    Naveen Raj


Direction, script and screen-play

The movie’s writer, director and screen-play writer are one and the same man, Ashoka.K.S. He is known for his famous debut 6-5=2. In this movie, the director has indeed knit an achingly stunning plot, but if you ask me if the spectators can go home with a happy smile after the screen is unlit, it is quite a question. Movies, music, theatre or drama; be it any form of art, they are made to be aesthetic. When a spectator pays a certain amount of money that he earned, to come and watch a movie then he must have something say, relishing to take home with. Mustn’t he? But, the terribly painful ending rather gives us an unfading scar and it might last for a couple of weeks or so. Trust me, Dia will haunt you. The story is indeed awesomely knit as I did mention earlier but, the twists are incredible. The twists in the beginning seemed really heart-warming but they soon turn into a nightmare. It is quite a debate so as to conclude whether Dia is a pleasure or pain to the mass. And this debate almost takes us to the Aristotle’s theory where he believes that tragedy or the emotions of ‘Pity and fear’ must go through a process of purgation or that is a form of psychological medication that restores balance and health of the spectator’s mind. So, Aristotle says that by watching a tragedy, we learn from the tragic flaws of the characters and thus, we take pleasure in watching them. To be clearer, we see that Dia struggles to confess Rohit that she has moved on and as she delays the process of confession; things go out of hands for all the characters. And thus, this can be taken as a tragic flaw of Dia, is that her introvert fear and emotional imbalance. If she had told Rohit about Adi, the movie would have had a different ending but you see, that’s not about it. In spite of its tragic ending people love the film no matter what, but I wanted to address the other part of the spectators.

So, apart from the movie’s success, it still is a longing to wonder that the movie could have had a happy ending. Twists are essential, in fact those twists had made the movie, characters and even the settings of the film memorable but, not everyone will want to go through this movie more than once and it’s because of its terribly aching end.

The cast’s performance

The movie owes half of its success to the script and the way of direction and half to the marvellous act by the cast. Deekshith Shetty has to be a personal favourite to many and none can argue that one performer is lesser or higher than the other. Kushee was exceptional in the film and that’s it! All the three were flawless and if one needed to review their acting, the pages would be only filled with songs of praise, period. Pruthvi, this man seemed so talented with his every action i.e., comedy, love and emotion. He made the movie seem like one of those happy movies for a bit and then the director had to kill him at the end, poor guy. Dheekshith is the propeller of the movie. His face is so memorable and his act is so genuinely appreciable. What else can one say about a perfect cast?

Cinematography: I don’t have a PhD to judge this exceptional work, but every frame is a pleasure to the eyes and you’ll know it when you do watch the film!

Editing: I neither have got a Gold medal in editing, and thus I can’t rate this seemingly flawless work.


Though I am not an expertise in Music, I will say that, for except few important scenes, the music of the movie did not stand out much. The bgm for Rohit and Dia did indeed stand out. But other than that, it is quite true that the music was not average but above-average but yet, seemingly failed to stand out. An emotional movie like Dia must have had a strong music that stuck to the mind even after the movie ended. Even if the scenes were to be faded away, the music should have been so disturbingly perfect. The best examples of such bgm could be 3, or even the master piece Titanic.


At a certain point of the film, it almost seems like a war between the struggle to settle whether life is full of surprises and miracles or pains and problems. But at the end, the director has seemingly said that life is full of surprises and miracles but he’d twist that also by making those surprises and miracles, painful and problematic at the very end. Ps. when you do watch the film, you will know.

Life is full of surprises and miracles.

Life is full of pains and problems.

One touch is equal to 1000 words.


Beginning: Awesome, addictive, hopeful.

It seemed to move very slow in-between i.e. the after math of the first part’s twists.

Ending: Be ready with a tissue bunch or have your Mumma’s saree as its lockdown and you can’t go out to buy one!

Anndd, be aware of TWISTS!


Thank you,
With so much hunger to “Write,”
Veera’s pen.🦋🌈🖤


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