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My first successful essay!

So guys I wrote this essay in June ’18 for a competition and I won the first prize. It was a state-level essay writing contest. The topic was Importance of Developing Reading Habits. I’m posting this to aid in someway to people to understand the need of books in our life.

Importance of Developing Reading Habits


“ Journey of lifetime starts with opening of pages “
says Rachel Andres . These words are indeed true to the at most reality. Books are the best and most forwarded versions of google and yahoo . No matter how much we search in the websites on a particular topic , the information that we gather through books cannot be matched with that of the information that we seek on the online websites . Reading books improves one’s vocabulary, reading skills and gives us immense knowledge that we can nowhere attain . Books are like a new fantasy that enables us to learn , dream and it makes us immaculate inside out . When one starts reading a book he or she involves herself or himself into the books situation , plot and with it characters that it enables the person to indulge themselves in a imaginary world .

Importance of reading books

“ If you want to know about the person’s real character one must look through the books he is reading “,
this is the most famous saying on books and book readers . Reading books makes a person higher their character and personality. The only way a person can upgrade himself is by reading as much books as he can . Books are like the most special gifts that it never gets older no matter how many times you reopen it . Books are the best solution for solitariness. They can be our best friends who gives us the best gift of all ; knowledge , perspective, and peace . The more one reads a book the more he can learn about the world .
In this fast forwarding world it is necessary for a person to make himself well qualified in every firms and fields and that can only be acquired through the books .

Books , best friends for the students

“There is no friend as loyal as a book”
says Ernest Hemingway . As we know only the language is a skill subject whereas the other subjects, for an instance science and geography are the content subjects which only requires the pupil to memorize the content and write it out on a sheet of paper . Hence, a language speaking and writing on a fair standard can only be acquired through continuous practices. Thus , books helps a student to develop his or her reading skills and vocabulary . When one develops his vocabulary he can simultaneously develop his speaking and writing skills . It is indeed a statement of high means if a person says he or she is a bookaholic . Books gifts us the wings which has incredible power , knowledge , thoughts that enables us to fly higher and higher .

Books , the best journeys

We tend to get lost in the books but the best part is that we find ourselves with the best possible changes . Many books lets us travel through its path , coincide with the characters and lets us live the lives of the book’s characters and its plot . The best gift or an ability that one can be born with is the ability to live with the book and hear the voice of the characters while reading the books . This is the most amazing feeling that a book lover can experience. There are various genre of books for an instance fiction, fantasies, historical , biography ,autobiography ,gothic etc. And all these books gives us different experiences and creates different impact on the reader . This indeed enables the reader live the life the writers fantasies. Thus , it is perfect to remember Stephen Kings words ,

“ Books are the uniquely portable magic “ and the factual Chinese proverb, “ A book is like the garden ,carried in the pocket “.

Book : does it influence a persons life ?

“ Books gives a SOUL to the universe , WINGS to the mind, FLIGHT to the imagination and LIFE to EVERYTHING that is under the sun ! “
A book can influence a persons thoughts , character, attitude and his perception on things , people and ultimately upon world and life . Many books influence the youngsters and provoke them to do better in life . The book “ The Alchemist “ by Paulo Coelho enables the readers understand the poles of life , to take upon whatever the life puts forth us and to move towards the ultimate destination with hope and positive attitude . In the novel , the readers will go through the hurdles that the young boy had to face to reach his goal . This teaches the readers the positive attitude towards life . Another book by the most famous presidents of all times Mr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam , “ The wings of life “ enables the readers to go through the struggles that the great legend went through to attain ultimate fame and success . This book lets us know that the hard work never lets us down . Various religious epics like Ramayana , Mahabharata, The bible , Quran lets the reader understand the religious rituals, norms , the moralities of the respective religion and these moralities ultimately influence the readers life and mind and his thoughts through his life . Various biographies and autobiographies enables the readers know about the lives of the legends and the obstacles that every men has to surpass to reach their destiny . The books on fantasies such as Cinderella , Beauty and the beast, Snow white, Sleeping beauty and the latest fantasies like the TWILIGHT series enables us to widen our imagination . The fantasy Cinderella and Snow white were created to insist the acceptance of the arrange marriage among the young women of the western world . Thus , every book irrespective of the genre is intended to influence the reader’s life in the best possible way .

“ Reading gives someplace to go when we have to stay where we are “

How it is important to make time to read books ?

Now we live in modern world where time moves fast and people grow and move faster . Our lifestyles has changed in a drastic way . We live in a century where making time to talk with our family members , relatives and even friends has become difficult. Every men and women has their own life and priorities and issues and schedules to deal with . But as it is important to have enough proportion of protein , carbohydrates fats and lipids for the body to function its physical activity and to maintain a good proper metabolism, it is important for the brain to be fed with its essential proteins i.e. books . The quote,

“ Reading to mind, is what exercise is to the body” by Richard Steele ,
Is the best definition on what books does to the man’s life and his thoughts.
Like the apps that are needed to be upgraded to function well it is best to read more and more books to gain more wisdom . If a man reads his books and learns to be influenced by the books that he reads then he is the most gifted human being with the most valuable wit of all.


“ There is more treasure in the book than in all the pirate’s loot on treasure island” by Walt Disney is one of the most authentic quote ever said on a book’s aspect . A human must develop reading habits as it adds to the life the most unexpected thrills and beguiling thoughts . Asking a reader to choose between his reading habit and his other properties is like asking a human to choose between his most essential organs that help him to survive the day . Books to a reader is like the fuel to the automobile , air to the lungs , land to the plants and sky to the earth . It is inevitably the most beautiful , sovereign and modest trait that one can inherit .

“A home without book is the tree without birds”

“The worth of the book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it”

“Reading is the dream with eyes open”

“A book may be irrelevant until its relevance , importance and purpose is discovered through reading”.

With so much ambition and indolence,

Veera’s Pen 🦋🌈🖤

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