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Trump’s border wall issue.

Trump’s border wall: the decision of uncertainty or the way to the mighty fall of an unlikely king ?


It’s hollywood glam, NBL thrills, baseball matches, Pop music, the Niagara falls has never forgotten to mesmerize us. But lately the country is at hard times. The country which made headlines for its magnificent achievements, is now making headlines for frequent terrorist attacks, drug overdose deaths, Mexican immigration issues and what not! I must say that it took everyone by shock when Trump won the election in the year 2016. I, myself as a 19 year old have seen America suffering only in these two years.

Trump and his bills has sometimes been the major threats for the immigrants. For an instance his policy the of limitation to the countries to send their people for employment has put the Iran people’s lives at stake. This policy of TRUMP has reduced the percentage of green card holders and the percentage of work permit availed visa will also be reduced. It may reduce Iran’ percentage by 75 and Indian’s percentage by 23. Many has remarked America to be the land of hospitality but with Trump’s policies it is merely impossible to call it so.

Mexico, the country in between USA and Central America, which is located exactly in the southern portion of the North America. The land is known for its hot Taquila , colourful and flavoured foods and the classic Salsa and Samba. But the recent scenario of the country is the increased number of Mexicans who choose and sometimes compelled to leave the country because of very poor employment opportunites and extremely low wages. By ‘ increased ‘ I mean that the migration issue of Mexican to USA have been a longterm concern.

THE REASON for the Mexican migration is the struggle of the economically inactive people who depend on the wages that they earn from the nearby farmlands. But unfortunately, it requires more physical work and leaves the people with very less payment. People with very less money find it difficult to suffice their basic needs. Thus, Mexicans emigrate to USA just to have a better living, for their basic need’s demands and not for a lavish living. Crossing 1000 per day, 10,000 people per week from Mexico indulge themselves in migrating to America.
THE IMPACT OF THIS IMMIGRATION falls NOT on America surprisingly because, since lots and lots of men have migrated to USA, they have left behind many young women without a partner in Mexcio. Many cities, villages in Mexico have lost one third of its population because of the rapid immigration. Trump accused the immigrants that they could cause the economical downfall of the nation while, the experts say that the immigrants only contribute good for the country and they do not influence the downfall of the country’s economy. Mexicans were also accused of drug dealing but those drugs from which many American celebrities and common people died, were more of prescribed drugs rather than street drugs.
Trump has been insisting that the only way to stop the immigration is by building the border wall. The border wall extends to about 1954 miles which is 3145 km. It covers Texas, New Mexico many vast deserts and mountains in California. As I had mentioned earlier, the MEXCIAN IMMIGRATION is a longterm issue and the Border wall has been the only solution suggested by many politicians as their campaign promises, to get it built compeletly. Around 654 miles of the border has some sort of a man-made barrier standing up already and most of it was built after 2006. And still 1 out of 4 people in Mexico try their hands at escorting themselves to USA just to have a better living. The people of America for about 60 percentage, does not support for the President’s decision and the Democrats do not support Trump in this and have not passed any bill neither have they supported any of them that restricts or puts their lives at stake.

Donald Trump demands 5.7 billion dollars to build the border wall of 3145 km and since the money would not be funded by the Democrats he declared the Government’s shutdown which is recorded to be the longest shutdown in the American history. Trump recently said that, ‘ We really have no choice but to build a concrete wall or a steele barrier,’ and continued saying,’ We will have great security.’ But Trump, nobody needs “YOUR SECURITY”. He after, 35 days of shutdown has said that the government will reopen again temporarily and if not the money’s been funded he will announce another shutdown on feb 15.

The LA saw 32,000 student and teachers strike on 14 January and it was because they had their longterm demands unresolved. This strike revealed the other firms and issues that must be centralized. The LA Unified School District has said that they cannot ‘AFFORD’ to meet all the demands of the school, which were their request to increase their pay, to have smaller class sizes and more counsellors. And American will probably want its teacher’s pay increased and its water infrastructure upgrades rather than a futile wall. A common man has to pay 8000 dollars for his emergency ride to the hospital on an ambulance in America. The government should be doing something about it, but there seems to be no attention on these sensitive issues.

Thus, I would like to conclude this whole analysis by saying this, think guys, why this all happened? Where a government could not do anything over many young lives being killed in gun shots, it is striving to build a WALL. A mere barrier,when we should be breaking the wall and be inviting the people and comforting them for they have been suffering in their own country. Don’t you think that this is all the consequences of us choosing the wrong leader ? Isn’t it our prime right and duty to choose our leader ? Shouldn’t it be our first priority to do so, if we have the Right to VOTE ? I will just leave it as a question to let you guys answer when your time comes to VOTE.
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