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My recent fascination; Photography!

Hi ! To all my beloved readers, my family members , friends and well wishers who are here to show your support to my first ever blog ! Yes this is my first ever blog and I have been waiting since FOREVER to do this and I believe this is the right time .

So , I have been a terrible person regarding the extra-curricular activities from the childhood . I never follow up things . For an instance , the way I ran away from Hindi class on seeing the size of the study guide ! And my dance teacher dying cause of heart attack only months after I joined the class !!
Hence , you can say that I am a pretty worst learner and never really had PATIENCE much !
Now , I am 19 and I know exactly what I want and what I don’t . I have always wanted to write because I got so much excited and inspired by the TWILIGHT writer , STEPHANIE MEYER and since then I wanted to write . My love for writing started like this . So, is there a LOVE too behind my sudden interest towards Photography ? Well , yes there certainly is ! I have always had an awe for those big cameras and only recently got to know that they were called as DSLR cameras. My first ever photo that I clicked was the leaf of the tree in our house which naturally came in the shape of a heart ! This the picture which is now my Dad’s home screen and I lost the original picture , I took it in 2015.

In the same year 2015 , on December 10 I was fortunate to have a brand new character into my life , who was bubbly , tall as a tower, pure at heart and 127 km away from me . But the tall guy unfortunately didn’t fit well in my story thus, the Great writer above auto-deleted the character . And I didn’t handle it well . Ended up getting depressed and well, you can imagine what would have happened next . Lets call the GUY bubbly . Bubbly was always interested in movie making and photography , inspired by bubbly’s pics I started taking photos too. My guru ARCHITA akka helped me with the editing apps and to work with the apps. MY Instagram bestii ARUN encouraged me and my bffs Shobi,Varma, Arthi,Niki,NSP,Neve ks and Neve T and most of all my parents were always supportive. And now I have my own Photography page . I am almost off from the depression that has been haunting me since the childhood and because of the bubbly guy . This has happened because of my passion towards PHOTOGRAPHY . The only happy thing that I have got to cherish from 2015 is my passion towards this art . Photography is like “The moral in Disguise “, that is only good thing that I got from bubbly guy

There is always a hidden way to turn over a new leaf and you just have to look closer to find it. Mine was through Photography . I will share with you all the recent pictures of mine , I wouldn’t say that I have great photography skills but I am learning . So that’s what I wanted to share with you all .
This is my story of finally sticking on to something that I love and on how I’ve got this passion and how it helped me overcome my depression phase.

So,Thank you all, lots of love. See you soon.

Veera’s Pen.

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