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My Emancipation!

Hello to you all. I’m happy to reach you all again and I’m grateful for you all for letting me live my dream all day, everyday. I’m here to share my story of self realization in the last couple of weeks which was full of emotional roller coaster.

It happened on 30.8.18, when me and my best girl Shobika got a chance to attend a National level conference at Kongu nadu College. The best part is that we had another chance to go again for International conference on 5.9.18. We were extremely excited about that, even before the actually journey was to begin after a week. I was to pack all the snacks because we both have zero control regarding the appetite. We both were discussing what we were going to wear for the longest hours and ended up wearing pink kurtas. I have not been on bus not more than twice then, so just for an experience I wanted to go. Finally, we reached the college after taking a ” there is no space here to breath fellas ” town bus.

The college was LIT ! just as we dreamed, so organized and perfect and classy. The canteen was awesome , that was all that I needed after a mere bizzare journey ! And the conference hall was DREAM. The vibe there was galvanizing us to learn more. The MC people there were also inspiring. The title of the conference was ” Women empowerment” which was meant to be extremely boring but the sessions were awesome, interesting and indeed inspiring. We learnt that whatever knowledge we had was not enough to gleam in this vast world. On 5.9.18 , again we had a chance to attend another conference. The conference was destiny to me because , the title was AUSTRALIAN CONNECTION. I learnt a lot which influenced me as a person. While returning we unfortunately had to travel alone me, shobi and our most loved senior, Smirti akka. We all had mere zero bus experience, went blur for more than 10 minute util I started to point to the bus that goes exactly where we wanted to go, hometown ! obviously. We finally stepped on the correct bus and for a little adventure, we sat in the last seats which has had a “taboo” for boys. The bus started, as the driver kicked the gear and gave life to the engine. Boys at every bus stop approached our bus but when they saw us taking the last seats , they were thunderstruck. I enjoyed the thrill.

On that day, I realized how dependent I have been with my parents, friends and everyone around me. That day, I decided that I should no more be dependent on anyone. And since then , I’m working to be more conceited . And fortunately our HOD mam let us to do MC on FRESHERS DAY. It was awesome, though I was extremely agitated and anxious-excited. It all turned up well and good with our beloved SWATI mam , Deepa mam and Sathya mam. I loved it when I heard my voice on the amplifier. I even got goosebumps. It was another step closer to my ultimate goal. I have always had an assumption that I had a decent 50 percent knowledge in everything but uttering to participate in that conference and to know about the students there and their communicative skills was a SLAP in my face ! Thus, I happily started to carve for more cognizance and I am up to emancipate myself !


This blog is for all those DAD’S LITTLE PRINCESSES like me ! Chin up and explore this God given world . It ain’t prond anymore or innocent that you don’t know to travel and explore the world without the aid of elders ! Girls , it is like being disabled. So start seeking for more , never settle for less because you never know what your ultimate success would be .Goodbye to you all until I see you in my next blog. You all have given me extreme ecstasy with all your love and support.Thank you. Lots of love ❤

Veera’s Pen.

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The typical daddy's girl trying to explore herself through the World of Writing, Words and Books!

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